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Results for competitions in 2020 ADPA

There were 18 entries that gained our highest award(s).

MOST SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITOR: Gary Beresford was awarded an APS Silver Plaque for his achievements in the 2020 Australian Digital Photography Awards National Exhibition.

click here to see a pdf catalog of all competition results

Desert days
Robin Moon – APS Gold Medal
Open Colour
Arthur Roy – APS Gold Medal
Open Monochrome
Trung Cang Nguyen – APS Gold Medal
Is this where fairies come from
Heather Prince – APS Gold Medal
Retro Ross
Gary Beresford – APS Gold Medal
Tendril Daisy Droplet
David Hansell – APS Gold Medal
Catching The Disc
Tina Dial – APS Silver Medal
Open Colour
Are We Really Alone 2
Yvonne Raulston – APS Silver Medal
Open Monochrome
Yellow Bug
David Henderson – APS Silver Medal
Image in image 2
Geoff Shaw – APS Silver Medal
Mystery eyes
David Bassett – APS Silver Medal
Queen Mary Bee
Kerry Rasmussen – APS Silver Medal
Man and Beast
Gary Beresford – APS Bronze medal
Open Colour
A furious bull
Vicky Guo Mei Zhou – APS Bronze medal
Open Monochrome
Barnacle Bill
Robin Moon – APS Bronze medal
The Time Traveller
Heather Prince – APS Bronze medal
My Man
Dianne English – APS Bronze medal
Sunshine flower
Susan Hansell – APS Bronze medal

by Colin Woods, 15 July, 2020